sonos studio by RA-DA, los angeles, california all images courtesy of RA-DA gallery space

west hollywood-based practice RA-DA has completed ‘sonos studio’ in los angeles, california. the showroom transforms into a nighttime music venue for the wireless speaker company, sonos. during the day it showcases the company’s latest and greatest products in  home environment setups. at night, various programs cycles through – to provide the best possible listening experience. functions range from lectures, workshops, film screenings, concerts, listening and dance parties.

‘each event celebrates the connection of music to art, fashion, film, design – and even food, sport, and technology. sonos studio is a space solely devoted to building community around a shared musical experience. the santa barbara-based company commissioned the space called sonos studio with the aim of providing the best place in los angeles to listen to music, ‘sonos-style.’ meaning, that a good song deserves to be played out loud, in great quality, as a social activity. the 4,000 square foot venue, located in the heart of the la brea art and design district, features a sonically-tuned gallery space complete with custom-built canted walls and sound-dispersing foam tiles; a listening lounge outfitted with the latest sonos hifi sound system; a gourmet coffee bar; and even a skateboard lending library with corresponding playlists hand-picked by skateboarding icon natas kaupas’. – huffington post

RA DA: sonos studio lounge / living room with media / display wall

RA DA: sonos studio gallery area

RA DA: sonos studio luke fischbeck’s sound / art interactive installation, ‘center of attention’

RA DA: sonos studio art installation on gallery wall

RA DA: sonos studio floor plan + reflected ceiling plan

RA DA: sonos studio schematic designs

RA DA: sonos studio skateboard ‘lending library’ image © natas kaupas

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