ray lamps by kristine five melvær

presented at the stockholm furniture and light fair 2012, were ‘ray lamps’ by norwegian designer kristine five melvær.

designer’s own words: the ‘ray lamps’ question the stereotypical lamp. they relate to the archetype, but challenge the way we perceive it. reminiscent of a scenery or a sketch, the lamp reveals the light source completely, but at the same time creates distinctions between light source and lit space. each has a different skeletal proportions and their textile skins have slightly different color shades. when paired together they make a couple.

the unusual appearance and large sizes makes them into functional sculptures, suitable for a living room space. referring both to skin and intimate clothing, the bedroom makes another natural habitat for the lamps. the partially hidden light source triggers other connotations such as domestic scenes viewed through net curtains or the sun through a warm, misty sky.

norwegian designer kristine five melvær investigates the subject of object communication, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. she is focusing on the communicative potentials of objects as a means to create emotional bonds between object and user. by searching for the sensual essence of phenomenas, she translates these qualities into sensuous objects with a scandinavian simplicity.

materials: welded steel cord structure, elastic textile coating, textile-covered electrical cord.

ray lamps by kristine five melvær the lamps feature a nylon skin

ray lamps by kristine five melvær the lighting object come in two sizes

ray lamps by kristine five melvær

ray lamps by kristine five melvær ‘ray lamps’ and ‘light jars’

ray lamps by kristine five melvær ‘ray lamps’ and ‘light jars’ illuminated

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