early user testing to find a playful interaction for the musical instrument

tingle is a new instrument which is used to teach young students about music. the instrument is a converted pin-board toy that is used to demonstrate the forming of music and sound. the three dimensional landscape, created by whatever is underneath the board, is used to generate the metaphoric musical landscape. it is a three dimensional version of the sound visualizers normally embedded in music software and is a common visual representative for sound. using this metaphor makes it easier for young students to link their actions to the created sounds and achieve quick embodiment.

made using processing, ableton, max/msp, and absynth.

rhys duindam: tingle early prototyping

rhys duindam: tingle the final ‘tingle’ prototype required 4,500 pins to be inserted manually

rhys duindam: tingle one hour into production

rhys duindam: tingle completed tingle

rhys duindam: tingle by lifting the surface, you create sound. metaphorically designing your own sound landscape

rhys duindam: tingle


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