‘rotation table’ by hiroomi tahara, all images courtesy of hiroomi tahara table with sofa

japanese milan-based designer hiroomi tahara has presented ‘rotation table’ at at salone satellite during the 2012 milan design week. the piece can swivel like a desk lamp and moved to where you like in the house. the base is made with a heavy material, to avoid it from turning over. the top of the structure is very thin, and fine, to give impression of lightness. more over, by the pivoting and turning movement of the top, this impression of light weight is emphasized. although the area of the surface is small, the moveability of the item can offer larger areas of surfaces than originally perceived.

rotation table by hiroomi tahara

rotation table by hiroomi tahara collection with white and black finishes

rotation table by hiroomi tahara rendering with wood base and cement base

rotation table by hiroomi tahara drawing