‘mobiprize’ by rvtr milled aluminum photos courtesy of rvtr

design research practice rvtr based in the great lakes mega-region of north america has created the 2012 ‘mobiprize’. the design for trophy utilizes the geometric construct of a möbius strip, representing the continuity and access to movement that is central to the ambitions of new mobility entrepreneurs. the form is milled from a solid billet of recycled aluminum, using a five-axis cnc gantry device, and is finished to preserve the legibility of the multiple successive toolpaths that produce its specific figure and texture.

developed with wes mcgee of the taubman college fablab, the project posed specific challenges for toolpath design given the combination of an object consisting of a constant surface, and the desire to eliminate repositioning the artifact during machining so as to permit the fabrication to be undertaken in a single, continuous pass. the award, which is to be presented at rio+20 the united nations conference on sustainable development in rio de janeiro, will recognize entrepreneurial ventures in ecological transportation initiated and operated by individuals under the age of 35.

rvtr: mobiprize mobiprize and case

rvtr: mobiprize series of milling tests

rvtr: mobiprize solid aluminum held with vise for milling

rvtr: mobiprize 5 axis cnc milling

rvtr: mobiprize milling

rvtr: mobiprize 5 axis cnc milling

rvtr: mobiprize detail view

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