‘the dodo’ by studio alburno was a bird of the columbiforme raphidae family, originally from the island of mauritius all images courtesy of studio alburno

italy-based studio alburno developed a collection of wooden toys for the ‘kidsroomZOOM! 2‘ event during the salone del mobile in milan. the aim of the project was to focus the attention on the problems related to the extinction of animals that have disappeared or are disappearing due to human behavior. through the act of playing the children take of the the last surviving creature. each piece is made of beech and maple wood.

studio alburno: last toy collection ‘the lipote’, was a freshwater dolphin that inhabited the waters of the yangtze river in china

studio alburno: last toy collection the tilacino (thylacine) was a large marsupial carnivore common in australia and tasmania

studio alburno: last toy collection each toy is packaged in a plain cardboard with wood chips from processing

studio alburno: last toy collection the toys are handcrafted in biella, italy

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