‘af stud farm’ by studio gga, tatuí, brazil all images coutesy of studio gga



são paulo-based studio gga has developed ‘af stud farm’ a complex located on a gentle sloped terrain in the municipality of tatuí, brazil. the program consists of the main house, the employees’ house, two stables (totaling eight stalls), training ring, loading dock, a barn and a house for guests. the main house, is divided into two blocks – one social, the other private – and has no corridors. the social block is formed by a built-in kitchen and living room, a toilet and a laundry. the private block contains three suites and is divided by small courtyards that define the entrance to the bedrooms.


the blocks are connected by a large terrace overlooking the entire plot, there is an open-air stove and a small pool for relaxation. integrating private and social areas by a large terrace aimed to enrich the living areas.


important details were designed to ensure energy efficiency and environmental comfort in the main house. the dwelling is elevated 80cm above ground level, to allow the exchange of heat with the upper flooring reducing the need for air conditioning and providing natural comfort. above the social block are skylights (three openings on the flat roof that allow for natural ventilation and daylight) with openings facing south allow for diffused light to illuminate the environment. over the skylights, facing north, solar panels for water heating were installed. in the private block, the windows facing the large terrace are close to the deck level and hidden by wooden slats that filter natural daylight, allowing the rooms to be illuminated but preserving their privacy.


the other constructions, work related, were designed with simpler materials but they enjoy the same features that form the architectural set.



studio gga: af stud farm 3D rendering of the main house



studio gga: af stud farm



studio gga: af stud farm



studio gga: af stud farm 3D rending of the courtyard space



studio gga: af stud farm 3D rendering of the stables and employees’ house



studio gga: af stud farm



studio gga: af stud farm site diagram



  axonometric diagram of main housestudio gga: af stud farm



studio gga: af stud farm plan



studio gga: af stud farm axonometric of employees house and stables



studio gga: af stud farm axonometric of barn and guest house


project info:



project: af stud farm completion: 2011/12 location: tatuí, sp, brasil area/plot: 117.500 sqm main house: 297 sqm employees’ house: 89 sqm stables: 391 sqm training rings: 342 sqm loading dock: 289 sqm barn: 162 sqm guest house: 46 sqm architectural project: studio gga/ gianpaolo granato architects project designers: gianpaolo granato, pedro domingues silva, leandro gushiken, edson maruyama and marcela arone


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