‘luminaire post’ by studio ninho

brazilian designers vinícius lopes leite and gabriela kuniyoshi of studio ninho have created the ‘luminaire post’. it is composed of: recycled cork sheet, pine wood, lamp, socket, power plug, turn on/off button, flexible pp wire, pins and card stock packaging. the manufacturing process was simple, economical and uses sustainable materials in order to lower costs and impacts on production. the lathed and perforated cork base connects to the wooden legs, where the top dome is then applied. the electrical components are assembled and packaged without the need of glue.

the product is compact and is easily dismantled and packaged to optimize storage, production and distribution. measuring 200mm x 220mm x 200mm, the main feature uses the cork in an unconventional way. not only is the element the object itself, it also acts as a notice board for an additional layer of functionality.

studio ninho: luminaire post lamp

studio ninho: luminaire post components

studio ninho: luminaire post package

studio ninho: luminaire post posts on the lamp

studio ninho: luminaire post detail of light

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