sac/coupe folded as a bag all images are photographed by véronique huygue

questioning the basic form and properties of a bag, industrial design thibaut guittet has designed sac+, a collection of pieces that explore the object’s sustainability and function without breaking its efficiency. each sac has its own use while minimizing the amount of packing the consumer brings back home. all prototypes have been hand made in cotton fabric, leather and polyester by emeline raphanaud.  

thibaut guittet : sac sac/coupe folded as a bag

sac/coupe : this object is made to carry delicate fruits. using a folding system which references japanese origami, the bag can be transformed in a bowl at home, to present fruits on the table.

thibaut guittet : sac sac/coupe unfolded

thibaut guittet : sac sac/coupe folded as a fruit basket

thibaut guittet : sac cabas/cagette the structured fabric make it standing alone

cabas/cagette : is structured as a storage crate for vegetables. the principle is to transport without packing, and to store without unpacking. the bag and its variants are designed to eliminate intermediate packages during transport.

thibaut guittet : sac cabas/cagette compartments inside

thibaut guittet : sac sac/sec three sizes

sac/sec : this object is made for self-service food distribution. you bring the empty container to the store to be filled with contents, such as cereal. when you return home the same container is used for storage and sharing.

thibaut guittet : sac sac/sec closing system

thibaut guittet : sac sac/sec a handle is hidden in the fabric

thibaut guittet : sac sac/poche separate pieces : inox and polyester

sac/poche : uses the traditional milk pouch packaging to form a vessel and jug for convenient pouring and storage.

thibaut guittet : sac sac/poche assembled pieces with the pouch

thibaut guittet : sac sac/poche filling

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