atelier tobia zambotti has been tasked to create a bold identity for the interior of the new ice cream parlor within the perlan museum of reykjavík. following the brief with a simple, economic gesture, the studio has realized an acoustic foam ceiling installation, which draws the visitor’s eye to a kaleidoscopic composition of shapes and colors. 

perlan ice cream parlour 1
all images courtesy of atelier tobia zambotti



heavily influenced by the glacier caves, along with the ever-changing reflections and colors within them, atelier tobia zambotti has produced a stalactite-like structure that envelops the interior. a repetitive arrangement of foam pyramids comprises the interesting installation, reinterpreting this natural image in an iconic way. the optical illusion of the design pulls the visitor towards the focal point; the ice cream trays, which is the only characteristic that breaks from the stark white and blue palette.

perlan ice cream parlour 2
the immersive white & blue installation gives the project a very bold identity



the brief that was delivered gave a strong emphasis on forming a commercial attraction within one of iceland’s most visited museums, drawing people’s attention, and interacting with them. following this concept idea, atelier tobia zambotti came up with a simple spatial solution that would communicate with its users while defining a clear and recognizable identity. this is also reinforced by the effect of the stainless steel back-counter, which reflects LED strips tuned to a cool 4500k light.

perlan ice cream parlour 3



in a single sweep -pun intended- the ceiling defines the atmosphere of the space and guides the design of all other elements. from the full arch BOH door that follows the shape of the ceiling, to the white corian counter, all visual details remind of a reimagined glacier. the technical requirements of the project are also resolved following the same character. cashier and all other clutter are hidden from view within the counter and the noise of the fridges is attenuated by the foam prisms of the ceiling.

perlan ice cream parlour 4
the stainless steel shelving systems of the back-counter are perfectly inserted into the pattern

perlan ice cream parlour 5

perlan ice cream parlour 6
detail of the acoustic foam ceiling installation

perlan ice cream parlour 7
the full arch boh door follows the shape of the ceiling

perlan ice cream parlour 8



project info:


name: perlan ice cream parlour
design studio: atelier tobia zambotti



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