‘street decoration’ – my time is too pricey to waste sketching letters by tommaso guerra all images courtesy of tommaso guerra

italian artist tommaso guerra has created a series of designs which play with forms and different media outlets to question our perception of reality. the first, ‘street decoration’ explores typography and calligraphic skills applied to very different materials: from street floor to iron, from mirror to cloth. the installation matches ancient letters and modern fonts to create new harmonies in a personal expression of aesthetics forms.

tommaso guerra: street decoration, spider lamp + art exhibition ‘spider lamp’ by tommaso guerra

the ‘spider lamp’ incorporates a network of six lights connected at one point on the ceiling. it is made of copper pipes, and a lamp shade rounded in wood, riveted with aluminum. the piece questions the balance between an interior product and a work of art.

tommaso guerra: street decoration, spider lamp + art exhibition ‘art exhibition’ by tommaso guerra

‘art exhibition’ uses six transparent tables to impress with laser on plexiglass, company logos and their competitors in the business. the brands are mixed together to become one icon.