‘white in black house’ by van der jeugd architecten

situated on a narrow, tapering plot of 940 m2 within the medium-sized village in the east of the netherlands, dutch van der jeugd architecten takes a black solid archetypical house form and incorporates white solid volumes to reflect a traditional context. the floor plans also reflect the specificity of the plot, where an open floor plan accommodates the entire secondary program – wardrobe, toilet, laundry room, staircase, kitchen and utility room, on the ground floor in a kind of service block arrangement.

in combination with tapered exterior spaces, an orthogonal plan was developed despite the 30 degree pitched roof which begins three meters above ground level. to accommodate the desired program of five bedrooms and two bathrooms, two large dormers are introduced, creating a ‘chill space’ directly adjacent to the main staircase.

to maintain an appearance reflecting a monolithical context, dark flat ceramic tiles are chosen for the roof. the white sections of the facade are finished with white stucco to contrast this effect.

van der jeugd architecten: white in black house front side view

van der jeugd architecten: white in black house

van der jeugd architecten: white in black house back side

van der jeugd architecten: white in black house living area

van der jeugd architecten: white in black house staircase adjacent to the chill area

project details

architect: van der jeugd architects design team: paul van der jeugd, ruud van der koelen, mirjam wiggers location: losser, the netherlands project year: 2012 photographs: ruud van der koelen project area: 777m2 gross floor area: 350m2 gross volume: 1045m3 contractor: aannemingsbedrijf e.g.j. steggink bv – reutum stuctural engineer: brons constructeurs en ingenieurs – oldenzaal

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