‘velourias’ by paul.t. dack large glass doors play on the idea of museum display cases

UK-based designer paul t. dack has developed ‘ velouria’ a wardrobe which can be relocated to a new property. a range of features are combined into a single piece of furniture, creating an all-in-one dressing experience. the components include: space for folded and hung clothes, a pull out trouser rail, glass shelves, push to open shoe drawers, dimmable warm LED lighting and a divided display compartment for jewellery and accessories. the style is reminiscent of traditional 17th & 18th century furniture, and baroque / rococo patterns. the matt pastel blue sets off the warm metallic fittings in a glamorous and opulent contrast.

velouria by paul t. dack wings provide a place for clothes to be slung

velouria by paul t. dack the folding / sliding door helps to reduce the floor area required to gain access to the interior of the wardrobe the full length mirror in the perfect position for checking out your appearance when choosing an outfit

velouria by paul t. dack the interior of the wardrobe has been designed to provide the illusion of having a walk-in-wardrobe

velouria by paul t. dack glass shelves provide space to store and display useful objects

velouria by paul t. dack push-to-open shoe drawer

velouria by paul t. dack detail of wing

velouria by paul t. dack knock down construction means that the wardrobe can be easily dismantled and taken to a new home

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