‘wabi sabi tableware colelction’ by louise oliveresall images © veronique huyghe




developed by louise oliveres, ‘wabi sabi’, is a range of tableware containers made of resin molded over crystal salt, where the minerals are sculpted to create a mold to retain the resin. in the unmolding process, this ephemeral salt mold is destroyed, and the crystals embedded in the resin are diluted in water to create the piece’s singular relief. the other side of the dish, meant to hold edibles, is finished using a lacquer technique of many layers of lacquer. the project addresses the aging of plastic material, and how we can make serial items more unique.  through this new process, an appreciation for the imperfection ultimately prolongs the life span of objects.



wabi sabi tableware collection by louise oliveres‘wabi sabi’ tableware collection


wabi sabi tableware collection by louise oliveresstacking





wabi sabi tableware collection by louise oliverescrystal salt not completely diluted



wabi sabi tableware collection by louise oliveresexperimentations (over sand then crystal salt)


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