‘winery kozlovic’ by fabrikafaçade: lower part – entrance to the wine shop, upper part – offices



located in istria, – the largest peninsula in the adriatic archipelago, croatian designers fabrika have re-designed ‘winery kozlovic’ – one of the most famous wineries in in the country with over a hundred years of tradition.
 an all new interior design configuration, alongside facades and art elements are introduced into the existing 600m2 space.



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikadetail of the facade of the business part of the winery made of sandblasted aluminum plates



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikadetail lower section



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikanight view of the official entrance into the wine tasting part and wine shop



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrika‘merkatino’ – shop & exhibition part of the winery



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikaserving counter made of concrete and oak and sliding door in background leading to ‘teatro’ wine tasting and conference room



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikadetail – serving counter – seen from VIP lounge



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrika‘tavola grande’ VIP lounge for food and wine tasting, the decoration on the wall is made of MDF



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrika‘teatro’ wine tasting & conference room with ‘white label’ surface for video projections



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikaart installation detail in ‘teatro’ tasting & conference room. the showcase guards the old traditional winemaker tools and vesselsabove: the interpretation of a bunch of grapes



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikabarrique wine cellar – selected photographs of wine motives in metal frames



winery kozlovic, istria by fabrikaart installation on the stair landing – interpretation of the image of winery founder ( senior owner ) drawn from a photograph; made of material corten, height 360 cm



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