yomogino hot spa by ryuichi sasaki




yomogino ryokan (japanese style-inn), in fukushima, japan, decided to renovate their hot spring spa after it was damaged in the 2011 earthquake off the pacific coast of tohoku. the completion marks the 5 month anniversary after the quake. the place faces yomogi mountain in fukushima, japan, where you can experience great views throughout the four seasons. its relationship with several detached buildings of the ryokan (japanese style-inn) in foot, was also one of the focuses.

yomogino hot spa by ryuichi sasaki hot spa interior view




the form of a mountain and the roof form of a detached building are reflected in the hot spring spa’s water surface, bringing together the internal wall and the form of a ceiling. a ceiling and a wall are made of a bronze colored aluminum panel, which is season-proofed with high alumite processing. it exists, while the form of five ceilings shifts. indirect illumination is effectively contained in the portion of this gap.

yomogino hot spa by ryuichi sasaki hot spa and outside view

yomogino hot spa by ryuichi sasaki outside view and water level

yomogino hot spa by ryuichi sasaki shower booth



project info:


architect: ryuichi sasaki/sasaki architecture inc., completed: august 2011 client: tios group photography: ryota atarashi except image#1(ryuichi sasaki)




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