iPUP Card holding iPhone 4/4S case

People carry things in their hands or bags. To make people’s hands light, we focused on their mobile phone cases they carry everywhere. When people need cards, they have to scrabble through their bags or take out their wallets. We wanted to make it easier to carry the most often used card in a mobile phone case. The first challenge was to make a slot fit tightly with a card well so a card in the case should not be come out from the case. But when a user needs to take a card out, the card must be able to be taken out easily. Next, we considered problems as a user’s view. When people buy a card holding iphone case, they may worry about things, damage on the magnetic strip of a card, exposure of card information and barrier to recognition of the card due to electromagnetic waves.

Lastly, when we planned iPUP, there were a few other card holding cases. Some have complicated structures and some have good usability but boring shape. We wanted to make our case to have a unique design and usability together. So it was another challenge to combine our character and case well. We focused on the structural design for usability while making iPUP. The puppy shape card cover, which is the most adorable feature of iPUP, minimizes the exposure of card information and also makes it easy to take a card out from the case with fingers. Naturally our character shape and usability combined well. To build a safe usability of iPUP, there are two bumps inside of iPUP, one on the upside and the other one on the bottom at one third points from the end of the card space where a card can be placed. These two bumps make iPUP hold a card tightly and iPUP can keep a card safely. These kinds of simple structural ideas give convenience and safety to iPUP which has differentiated features. In case of damage on the magnetic strip or barriers to recognition of a card in iPUP, to solve these problems, we made iPUP protective card. iPUP protective card is made with UV-coated PET film, so the surface is smooth enough to protect magnetic strip on the card. Also with the iPUP protective card, the success rate of recognition of the card in iPUP has increased, so you can keep your card in iPUP with your phone and use it.

As a result, iPUP is completed with the combination of fun design and a protective card which can maximize the usability of your card. User convenience and fun style distinguishes iPUP from other iphone cases.

yun seong kim: iPUP Adorable design of iPUP

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