wowwee robio introduced a huge line-up of new robots at the CES you see a home exploration and
telepresence robot with wifi the wowwee rovio robot is a wifi enabled robotic webcam that moves in all directions
with ease and can be controlled remotely using any web accessible device including a cell phone,
pc or video game console. through a built-in camera that streams video and audio, users can view
and interact with rovio’s environment, surveying their home or office remotely through streaming
video and audio transmitted via the rovio robot.
wowwee rovio
the rovio robot is also the first to feature the northstar smart navigation and positioning system,
which represents a major breakthrough in robotics. working like a micro-GPS system,
the northstar system enables the rovio robot to know where it is, locate the position of other objects,
and navigate from place to place with pinpoint accuracy, entirely under its own control.
more wowwee robots
mr. personality
and the tribot
CES 2008, the largest consumer technology tradeshow,
based in las vegas will start tomorrow, on January 7th.

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wowwee introduces also a line of low-end toy robots