as a tribute to the pop icon model builders in california created a four-inch tall minilander of michael jackson that can be seen by park guests as he exits a limousine in front of grauman’s chinese theatre. the scene included photographers and random paparazzi surrounding the limousine as minilander fans try to catch a glimpse of the pop icon. while trying to capture the most recognizable version of jackson, the three model builders who worked on the project have actually created five different versions which were being posted to allowing viewers to comment on which model is the most fitting.

the los angeles times reported that legoland california abruptly halted its plans to immortalize the late michael jackson in a scene that was scheduled to be installed at the park today.

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the los angeles times

below is artist nathan sawaya’s model of the pop icon from 1989.

michael jackson LEGO statue to debut 3rd july 2009 and another man in the mirror: artist nathan sawaya‘s 1989 model of michael jackson