floating landscape magnetic mirror

by Fang-Yuan Su from taiwan

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 2019 A’Design Awardy Winners 

It can serve as a Chinese painting mounted in a photo frame, or a magnetic memo board to be placed on a desk or hanging on a wall vertically or laterally. The decorations are made of magnets for holding memos.
It provides customers with the fun to create their own Chinese painting with the artistic magnet decorations and the convenience of holding memos.

Before going out of the house, you check yourself through the mirror and get ready. You might take cards from the holders that are in the magnetic field and the scenery in the tranquil world can free your mind. You then walk out with a still and clear head. No hurry at all.


A magnet is installed in the mirror; a unique invention presents two functions. No similar design can be found yet in the market. The design reveals the scene of Zen; mountains and birds bring you into a silent world where




Fang-Yuan Su

No. 15, Ln. 93, Liming Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

I am the head of the hearing impairment and Zen Chic co.

I develop my own brand of DNA such as content

The reason for using Zen is to put the essence of Zen into the cup. In the absence of pressure, the object is reflected in the fish as a soul.

Therefore, the "cheap" behavior of drinking a cup absorbs the essence of "zen".

The Zen essence of the Zen and the two elements of chic constitute the spirit of the Zen brand, so that the articles can bring the pressure of human beings without pressure, and integrate into the oriental humanistic thoughts and modern life tastes.

Thank you, please advise.

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I am the head of the hearing impairment and Zen Chic co.

My English is not good, I translate Chinese from google.

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