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balanced chair transforms into multiple uses

by  OOO My Design from Spain

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Product Description

Balanced is a puzzle game made into furniture that transforms into multiple uses. It can be a simple compact chair or it can expand to become a lounge chair with ottoman and a low table, or much more.
Its shape balances the structural rigidity with seductive curves to create a multitude of different forms and negative spaces that invite creative uses. Subtle curves provide a comfortable ergonomic fit for our bodies in many ways, depending on the configuration, while inner spaces can serve as a practical way to store objects we want at hand while relaxing.


The resulting design is a tactile sculptural form that brings surprise and playfulness to an object as ordinary as everyday’s chair.


Material: Phenolic birch plywood.
Dimensions: 72x40x79 cm (28x15x31’’ aprox.)


Designed by OOO My Design with Gustavo Reboredo and Louis Sicard.
Project funded by the VEGAP Welfare and Cultural Fund.


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seller information

  • address: Canarias 31 28045 Madrid Spain
  • OOO My Design is a design and architecture agency based in Madrid. It stands out for moving through different means of expression, from interior design, product design, web, virtual reality, artistic direction and branding. We use art as a means of communication in all types of media and design to rethink the world we live in, reflecting it in objects and spaces that emanate spontaneity and enthusiasm under a timeless prism.


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