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Batea Table Collection features complimentary storage space

by  WOODENDOT from Spain
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Product Description

Batea S, the smallest member of the family, has a serving tray made of solid wood.

Batea M has a small storage space under its table top.

Batea L, the largest member of the Batea family has a large storage space that opens up when you slide back the table top.


Available in seven different finishes, two natural finishes made of oak wood and five in colour made of ash.


Additional Information


black, green, grey, oak-black, oak-white, walnut-black, blue, white


large, medium, small

seller information

  • address: BRAVO MURILLO 183, 28020, MADRID. SPAIN
  • We are a design and manufacturing firm committed to creating distinctive wooden furniture and lighting products. By combining the skill and knowledge of master craftsman with innovate designs, we create unique works with traits that are elegant, timeless while maintaining respect for the environment. Each product is individually crafted and embodies the emotions and efforts involved in there production. All products are manufactured in Tierra de Pinares, Spain.


ship to cost
europe $19.00
usa+canada $49.00
asia+middle east $49.00
australia $49.00
south america $49.00
africa $49.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $49.00


shipping policy


The products are delivered fully packaged and protected in their housing. It should arrive between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the delivery destination.


refund Policy


The philosophy of WOODENDOT is quality and the full satisfaction of our Customers.

For this reason we offer a professional service in all phases of the Customer’s purchase, from the products they order, payment, shipping and after-sales service.

While we hope that the Customer will be entirely satisfied with our products, there is always the possibility that, once they receive their order, they are not fully satisfied, or the product has been damaged in transit.


If for whatever reason the Customer is dissatisfied with their product, the Customer has a period of 14 working days to communicate its return and a further 7 working days to do it.