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bic band carries the music with you everywhere

by  smallgran from Spain
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Product Description

Bic Band are the Drumstick pen caps to carry the music with you everywhere.


The goal of this design is to extend the possibilities of artistic expression of the user in any context.


With this in mind, the product has been made soft and flexible, allowing the hitting of practically any surface without damaging it.

Additional Information


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seller information

  • address: Cristo del Consuelo 15, 4, 46183 l'Eliana, Valencia, Spain
  • Our mission at Smallgran is to show through design itself the importance of utility, ergonomics and optimization of resources</span> beyond simply aesthetics. To achieve this we focus on functionality and closeness.


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shipping policy

This product is 3D printed upon purchase.
Product ready for shipping: 1-3 working days after purchase.

Europe: 1-7 working days
Rest of the world:
- 1 pack: Depends on the country
- 2 packs or more: 2-3 weeks


refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the product, you will be refunded the price of the product after returning it (not including shipping costs).
- Return the product within 60 days after delivery.

If the product has arrived with a defect, send us proofs and we will provide you with a new one with no additional costs.
- Contact us within 45 days after purchase.