boes – wall mirror / pocket emptier inspired by masks of the sardinian carnival

by Ebanisteria Meccanica from italy

$ 525

The design is inspired by one of the most famous masks of the sardinian carnival of Ottana and it marks the first of a series of projects by Giulio Iacchetti for Ebanisteria Meccanica.

The Ottana Carnival in the Nuoro area has become paradigmatic of values that have always been felt in Sardinia, which are connected to the ancestral relationship between man, animal and nature. In the Ottana Carnival, men disguised as oxen subdue to masked men dressed in sheepskin (the merdules). Every year the ritual of taming lives again and has become a symbol of Sardinia.

The carnival masks, with long horns, are then hung on the wall, and I have often seen them in Sardinian houses that I have visited. The observation of these masks gave rise to the idea of making a mirror: on its upper extremities it is possible to hang clothes and hats, behind the mirror there is a small pocket-emptying compartment, on the steel ring that crosses the ox’s nostrils, it is possible to hang the leash for when you go out with the dog or an umbrella.

The underlying idea is that by looking ourselves in the mirror, each one of us “disguised” as a boes, and for a single moment, we become animals ourselves, in a game of references that, on the edge of irony, takes us on an intense and genuine journey through the human and artisan values of Sardinia.

Giulio Iacchetti

Ebanisteria Meccanica

The history of Ebanisteria Meccanica began in 1931 in Sassari, Sardinia.

The founder, Diego Moretti, chose this name to emphasize the extent of an epoch-making transformation, namely the passage from manual woodworking to mechanical working, thanks to the advent of new machinery. Today, thanks to the founder’s grandson, who bears the same name, Ebanisteria Meccanica aims to recover the tradition of craftsmanship by offering ingenious products of great aesthetic and functional value.

In every creation of Ebanisteria Meccanica, whether it is a bookcase, valet stand or a nutcracker, we continue to experience and live that family knowledge that has united three generations of artisans and has remained intact since 1931.

Nowadays, the brand's philosophy is extremely clear: working with the machine and not for the machine, trying to find that delicate balance between man and traditional carpentry machinery, always placing at the centre the role of the artisan who takes care of the entire production process.

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