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bookends and bookshelves offer help from superheroes

by  Artori Design from Israel
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Product Description

Our ‘Superheroes’ collection consists of two cool book organizer accessories: a bookend and a floating bookshelf. Both models will bring a smile to even the most casual of observers faces making a great conversation starter and a unique gift idea for superheroes fans and book lovers.


Hero and its female version ‘Supergal’ will add some drama, elegance, and interest to your bookshelf. The superhero character, attached to an uncommon angled bookend, gives the impression of him/her ‘saving’ the books from an imminent collapse.


Constructed from metal painted black, can hold a substantial number of books.
Measurements: L 20 cm, W 12 cm, H 17 cm Weight: 360 grams


‘Supershelf’ and its female version ‘Wondershelf’ are cool floating shelves which with the ‘help’ of a superhero character give the impression of him/her holding the books aloft, preventing them from falling to the ground. The base is concealed by the books and the superhero is affixed via a magnet to the base to give the item its dynamic appearance.


Constructed from metal painted black.  Max recommend weight is 3.5kg Measurements: L 13cm, W 12cm H 16cm Weight: 470 grams

Additional Information


supershelf, book hero, supergal bookend, wondershelf

seller information

  • address: 12 Kehilat Venetzya st. Tel Aviv, Israel 6940016
  • At ARTORI DESIGN we believe that practical and day-to-day products can be beautiful, aesthetic, well crafted and dabbled in humor. Our product line is geared towards those with a penchant for aesthetics and originality, and who are willing to invest in their living or work environment, to make it much more pleasant and welcoming. We believe that the language of design is universal, and that love of design and aesthetics unifies different peoples and transcends cultures. We feel that we have achieved our objective, when our product makes people enjoy using it, when it grabs their attention and puts a smile on their faces.


ship to cost
europe $8.95
usa $8.95
australia $12.85
south america $12.85
mexico, central america and caribbean $12.85
asia+middle east $9.95
canada $12.85


shipping policy

Ships within 2-3 business days after receiving a fully paid order, via registered mail. Orders to be shipped to USA addresses are shipped from the USA as long as there is inventory in the US warehouse; otherwise, will be shipped from Israel. Tracking information (number and URL) will be supplied as available. Delivery time when shipped from Israel 12-18 business days to most destinations, when shipped from USA, up to 5 business days.
Express mail service is available. For rates please contact us at [email protected]


refund Policy

Returns within 7 days of product acceptance. Refunds will be issued, for the product price only, if the item returned is in mint condition, unused and its package is undamaged. Prior to sending the item back, you must notify Artori Design about your decision to return by sending a mail to [email protected] .