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Solid Brass Egg, Hand Made in England responds to the touch with weight

by  The Copper Collection from United Kingdom (UK)

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Product Description

The Brass Egg
Made by Hand in England from solid brass, the Brass Egg is a tactile object for your home or desk.



The Brass Egg is a minimal, geometric object inspired by nature’s life-giving form. Abundant in nature, the ovoid recalls both the egg and seed. This organic shape has been celebrated since antiquity by cultures all over the world, and endures today as a symbol for regeneration and hope.

Handcrafted from solid brass, the Brass Egg responds to the touch with weight, warmth and motion. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with a bright gold-like appearance, making it a striking alternative or companion piece to the Copper Egg.

Measuring 65mm by 48mm, the Brass Egg fits perfectly in your palm as you muse on ideas and challenges, and makes an attractive paperweight when you reach a solution.

Over time the metal will age naturally, developing a rich, dark patina that is unique to your touch. If you prefer your egg to shine, the brass can be polished and waxed to reduce oxidisation.


Brass has been recognised for centuries for its bactericidal properties, making the Brass Egg an ideal gift for those working in sensitive environments.


Weight: 645grams
Length: 65mm
Width: 48mm

seller information

  • address: 478 Uxbridge Rd, Harrow, Middlesex, HA5 4SL, UK.
  • I am a designer based in London, specialising in unique copper products that are Made in England. Each product is engineered to a very high standard. The Copper Collection Care: We put a lot of time and care into the design, engineering and finishing of all our products. We hope that this information will help you to enjoy them for many years. All of our products are made by hand, using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Each item is unique and no two items will have precisely the same tone or markings. Our products are crafted from solid copper or brass. Over time the metal will naturally oxidise, developing a rich, dark patina that is unique to your touch. Copper and brass patinas vary in colour from a deep charcoal to vibrant turquoise, making each item beautifully distinct. To restore the original shine to your item, copper and brass can be polished gently with a soft polishing cloth and waxed to reduce oxidisation. We recommend Renaissance Wax, which was developed by the British Museum in the 1950s and is still used today to protect artefacts in the world’s major museums and art galleries. It is important to note that wax creates a barrier between the object and its environment, reducing the natural antibacterial properties of the metal. All Copper Collection products are splash proof but please avoid direct contact with perfume, creams and other sprays as these may cause discolouration.


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