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    Caruso Horn Assembly

caruso gramophone is embellished with ceramic colored horn

by  Newblack® from Italy
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Product Description

Caruso the modern gramophone with a unique sound.

The design marries elegant finishes such as lacquered wood, canaletto walnut and precious Italian oak from 1700. The horn is available in ceramic plated with pure gold.


The sophisticated audio system with Bluetooth™ 4.0 is designed to maximize the performance of the ceramic horn ensuring outstanding quality.

Caruso is signed by Paolo Cappello. It is made entirely by hand at Miniforms by Italian masters in Meolo (Venice), by order only.


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700-oak-with-pure-gold-horn, black-with-yellow-horn, dust-gray-with-anthracite-horn, silk-gray-with-red-horn

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  • address: Via Vittorio Veneto 18/A 37053 Cerea - Verona Italy
  • Sparks of innovation find their space inside of shapes and sizes that are striking the sight. Style and functionality become complementary, creating a unique blend. The timeless appeal of the design constantly meets the developing technology. It's from their union that was born Newblack®


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