chair # 1901’s – 3D printed joinery Lenga wood leather or felt from Patagonia

by espina corona from argentina

$ 353$ 299

3D printed joinery – Patagonia Lenga wood – leather or felt and.

finished with oil-wax.*



hight 80 cm / 31.5 “

width 55 cm  / 21.5 “

depth 70 cm / 27.5 “

Weight 6 kg  / 12 pounds

*The chair it for be used inside, not hot sunlight and rain resistant.




espina corona

Manuel Ugarte 2393 9E BS. AS. 1428 AR C

Based in Argentina, Espina Corona make furniture with  3D printing techniques.

Because we believe the best confort is  possible with out foam or any other trick, the chairs Comfortability are base in the hidden goodness of the soft material itself, made of leather or felts, hold by the wood structure. We prefer to use local materials of Patagonia, like Lenga wood, leather, felt and fabrics, but the models customization is open for any special required.

ship to


europe $49.00
south america $49.00
usa + canada $49.00

shipping policy

We produce small quantities, and usually ours chairs are produced with coustom details required for each client, so please understand that for bigger quantities it might take up to a few weeks until we are able to deliver.
When the pieces are ready, the standar shipping is within 3-7 working days.
The chairs came in a box ready to be assembly for the final client, in a very simply way. There is also the option for a full assembly delivery, with a different and extra shipping cost. Customers will be responsible for paying local taxes and import duties at destination.

refund policy

Refund is generally possible but the return of the package is on your cost – except there is something wrong with our product.
In this case please get in touch: [email protected]