draw from nature with unto’s collection of gem-like colored crayons

by Unto from taiwan

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Designed by unto, ‘color gem’ is a set of crayons that pay homage to nature in both appearance and feeling. As if picking up a rock from the ground, the crayons intend to stimulate imagination with their patterns of wonderful colors, which change each time the crayon is put to paper.

Color gem is meant to fulfill that urge of realizing colors directly from nature, and the satisfaction of transforming a block into a form unique to the user’s habit of drawing. Just like natural rock erosion, unto wants to let the organic action of drawing determine the form of the crayon. therefore, the user has the opportunity to take part and be invested in the product’s creation and adaptation. the original cube shape invites users to determine the ‘rock form’ through the act of drawing; every sign of press, indent and dulled corner implies the artistic footprints.

This is a set of four cube crayons versatile in shading and highlighting against different textures and backgrounds. Each and one of them are hand finished in our studio, therefore slight signs of irregularity may occur.

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Unto is a design studio aiming to rebuild the relationship with the everyday objects with a fresh mind, intending to bring new dialogues and perspectives unto this rapidly changing world.

Perceiving our role as a bridge between craft, industry, object, and user, we are interested in the link between people and the nature we live in including the historical, political, and social forces that have shaped our environment.

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