the ‘color scale of things’ poster blends senses for a unique visual guide

by Leticia Lampert from brazil

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Color-things Guide Poster
Offset printing
84 x 56 cm opened
21 x 28 cm folded


Color as a word. The photographed word. Colors trying to explain themselves. Literally. Intangibles, colors are merely conventions, abstract concepts. We cannot know if one sees colors exactly as the other. So, in an attempt to find a common denominator, names are given to them, names of “things”. But do people realize that mountain blue has its name because mountains, viewed from afar, have this color?


By photographing those “things”, we invite one to reflect, playfully, on both signs: the visual and the verbal. Photography allows us to play this game because it brings the original referent to sight, the one that, in the ordinary use of words, turns into something as abstract as the color itself.


The work is inspired by color standardization books such as the Pantone Color Guide, and present 70 color-things (egg yellow, leaf green, sky blue and so on) in English and Portuguese.

Leticia Lampert

Rua Sao Jose, 988 Bairro Sao Jose Sao Leopoldo 93040-000 BR

Letícia Lampert

Brazilian artist and designer, Leticia works mainly with photography, collage and artist’s books. She has her work highlighted in awards such as the Pierre Verger National Prize of Photography, the Itamaraty Prize of Contemporary Arts, the Açorianos Prize of Fine Arts, among others. She has participated in art residencies such  as The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai – China and the FAAP Art Residency in Sao Paulo – Brazil.

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