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Erdem Selek and Hale Selek established their Oregon-based product design atelier Selek Design. Their products aim to have a silent character that go unnoticed.

They have designed a ruler and pen for Rubberband.


Corrugated, a 25 cm non-numeric ruler in ABS plastic, aims to bring visual silence to our lives in a world full of visually competing objects. The product is a statement, a response to the need for turning distracting work spaces back into places to concentrate. Higher ridges represent every 5 cm and lower ones represent 1 cm, similar to the lines used for counting millimetres on standard rulers.


The Cone pen is a rollerball pen (black ink) in ABS plastic, designed to be a picturesque yet simple pen that does not visually dominate other surrounding objects. The form comes from the idea of keeping the look of the pen, even when the cap is on.


corrugated ruler / 25 cm : white
corrugated ruler / 25 cm : blue
cone pen : orange
cone pen : blue



cone-pen corrugated-ruler


orange blue white

Rubberband Products

41F, Regal Cinema Building, 1st Floor, Northern Side, Apollo Bunder Pier Mumbai 400 001, India

We made our first Rubberband product in 2008. Since then, we have continued to fire our desire to create products that express a design sensibility that we enjoy. We have always been drawn to making objects that are light-hearted. This is evident in our use of colour, which serves to remove any suggestion of material and expresses the form of the product in a direct way.
Our collaborations with our favourite international artists and designers have opened up stimulating design possibilities and we welcome this fresh wave of new ideas - it’s what excites us the most and paves the way for some interesting adventures.

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