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DeskSpace Solar Mood Lamp – Bring The Power of the Sun Into Your Home

The sun is the most beautiful and powerful force in our solar system. It represents life and brings joy into our day. We have recreated this life force with our Sun Mood Lamp. Created using Golden Calcite – prized for its mesmerising texture and clarity – to allow the light to spread within the sphere and to radiate into the room. We create each piece individually, ensuring yours is as unique as you are. We handcraft each set and polish it to perfection. Bring the sun into your home and capture a small part of that power.


A perfect gift for a friend or loved one

The DeskSpace Sun Mood Lamp is both beautiful and stylish and makes the most wonderful timeless gift that can last a lifetime. The soft glow is ideal for bedrooms, to create an ambient environment in a lounge or a perfect desktop accompaniment to enhance any workspace. Most of us have looked to the sky and marvelled at the natural force that brings us warmth and light – imagine having that offered as a gift?


Stylish and sophisticated accessory for the home and office

The soft and warm light that emanates from our Solar Mood Lamp is ideal for any room or workspace. Without overpowering the senses, this light is visually striking and will create a gentle glow in any room. Perfect as a subtle night light for the bedside table or to capture the beauty of your desk accessories or a row of books on your shelf. It is more than just light – this is a room-enhancing glow that gives a sense of relaxation and peace.

Beautiful and Touchably Smooth – A Long Journey to the Right Material

How to capture the beauty and brightness of the Sun? We worked tirelessly to source the exact material that would showcase the unique way that the sun emits light. The material needed to be able to both encase the light and emit it gently and evenly. Our worldwide search resulted in Golden Calcite – a unique crystalline structure with a translucent appearance that has a softness and warmth that we could not find in any other material. When the light is not turned on, this globe is a stunning accessory for your room. However, switch on the light and the gemstone comes to life creating a focal point that will draw the eye and relax the soul. With a smooth surface that simply calls out to be touched, this is a creative gift that will win the hearts of all.

DeskSpace: Contemporary – Modern Style for the Modern Home

The Solar Lamp is the first product in our new contemporary range creating a more modern feel using metal instead of hardwood. The new contemporary range combined with our classic range means DeskSpace can fit perfectly into any style of home or working environment. We started to make this distinction with the base, which uses aerospace grade aluminium that has been anodised to a Deep Space Grey. The highly mirrored finish of the logo perfectly sets the tone for this piece and the added technology of a bespoke magnetic charging cable (also anodised to match the base) gives you the discretion you need. We never want to detract from the gemstone and therefore discrete technology that is as beautiful and minimalist as the piece itself is important to us. We know it is important to you, as well.


A DeskSpace Mood Lamp to Meet All Your Needs

We believe that our products should fit with your lifestyle and be individualised to your requirements. We offer the Solar Mood Lamp in three different sizes to suit any space and each can have the LED lighting adjusted to fit your mood. The illumination can range from a soft mood light to a brighter focal point – but always the Golden Calcite ensures the light is diffused and softened.

Build Your Knowledge of the Universe

Here at DeskSpace, we love to offer a little extra. When you buy your Solar Mood Lamp, we also give you a high quality, heavyweight booklet full of interesting and sometimes, intriguing facts about the Sun. Filled with detailed images, this book is the perfect addition to the light. Our base design allows for the book to nestle inside, so you always know where to find it. If you have someone in your life who loves space, this is the perfect combination gift.

From Our Minds and Into Your Home

The Sun was not created overnight and neither is our DesSpace Solar Mood Lamp – in fact we spend a very long time perfecting the shape and the glow so that you can delight in the quality. Our craftspeople hand shape every piece of gemstone into a perfect sphere before carefully polishing it to a glass-like shimmer. This takes time, but getting it right is not worth rushing.
    • We use Golden Calcite that is mined in Mexico. We choose only those mines that are sympathetic to the environment and where the material is in plentiful supply.
    • Each raw gemstone is then washed to prepare for the next stage of processing.
    • We use high quality diamond edge saws to cut each gemstone into smaller cubes according to the small, medium and large sizes that we offer.
    • Our craftsmen now shape each cube, by hand, into a sphere using a diamond grit grinding wheel. The shape is achieved by eye and takes the work of a true experienced and dedicated craftsman.
    • The spheres now go through our grading and measuring process and any that are not perfect are rejected.
    • A final grinding is used to achieve a final perfect shape, before each stone is polished on a buffing wheel. The individual shine and glow of each stone is now revealed.
    • We now prepare the bases using a Tungsten tipped cutting tool. We send these for anodising to achieve the Deep Space Grey colour.
    • Using a special process of polishing, masking and sandblasting we are able to achieve a highly mirrored DeskSpace logo against a modern matte grey finish.


A Gift That You’ll be Proud to Give


  • We know that the unboxing of any gift is part of the experience and we have designed our presentation box with the unwrapping in mind. We use only the highest quality rigid gift box and we protect every element with layers of EVA foam. The bespoke magnetic cable, information booklet, cleaning cloth and letter of authenticity (including a unique serial number) set off the gift perfectly – allowing the receiver to uncover more and more layers of excitement as they delve deeper.

  • Handcrafted Golden Calcite Sphere
  • Custom made CNC metal base from Aerospace grade Aluminium
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • Information booklet about the Sun and our Solar System
  • Letter of Authenticity with unique serial number
  • DeskSpace branded felt polishing cloth
  • Separate inner boxes layer with EVA to protect the Gemstone and metal base

The DeskSpace 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At DeskX we pride ourselves on quality and have hundreds of positive reviews piling up from the launch of our first product. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your DeskSpace products. If you feel there are any issues with your product you can contact us directly at [email protected] and we will be there to help resolve any issues until you’re completely satisfied.

Please note however that our gemstones are products of the nature. Therefore variations in color, pattern, texture and veining from piece to piece are unavoidable. No two pieces will be exactly alike, this is what makes your DeskSpace completely unique. These differences and variations create the beauty of natural handcrafted gemstones.

We try our absolute best to match each gemstone as closely as possible as the samples shown online, but these are put in place to give you a general idea about the appearance of each of the gemstones. Please note that changes in lighting may cause the products to look slightly different in real life than those shown in images online and that multiple orders of the same item might not be an exact match.



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We are three designers who all have three things in common - a love of design, a fascination with space and jobs that keep us tied to our desks. We wanted to create a desktop accessory that brought together our design skills with our interests. Something that would allow us to have a small vision of how our home environment sits within the universe. We wanted it to be sleek and sophisticated, to be tactile and beautiful and to make people interested in what lies beyond the desk in front of them. With our backgrounds in technical design, we knew that our creation would need to be accurate, but moreover it needed to interpret the solar system in a way that brought about emotion and a lasting feel. DeskSpace needed substance. And so, the search for the right materials began. Our search was for a desk accessory that fulfilled our personal needs and we truly believe that our creation will fulfill the needs of others too. Each and every one of us has a small connection with the skies. Bringing that into your office through our timeless and classic accessory is more than just a chance to own something beautiful - it is an opportunity to reconnect with the universe.

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