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digital detox phone curbs sudden withdrawal symptoms

by  Complicated Needs from Germany
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Product Description

  • Wooden smartphone substitute with superior tactile qualities
  • Conveniently weighted for that reassuring feeling in your pocket
  • Added buttons on the side and earpiece notch to further calm all those fidgety fingers
  • Made by hand and with love in Berlin


No notifications, no ringtones or vibration, no updates, no location tracking, no browsing history, no data overages and no dead batteries. Considering your digital existence and taking action is hard. At least, now there’s this surrogate to any smart mobile device, curbing sudden withdrawal symptoms. Wear it in your pocket and tap when necessary.


6,9 cm x 14,2 cm x 0,75 cm
97 g
smoothed & oiled wood, stainless steel
designed by Complicated Needs

Additional Information


mahagoni, maple, walnut

seller information

  • address: Complicated Needs Helge Simon Hornstrasse 11 10963 Berlin, Germany
  •   Complicated Needs is a Berlin-based online shop and we are providing tools that intelligently humour quizzical minds. Our products support comic relief, offer consolation, and contribute to the combative strength needed for positive change.


ship to cost
europe $19.00
usa+canada $50.00
asia+middle east $50.00
south america $50.00
africa $50.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $50.00


shipping policy

We make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible. Within Germany, the delivery time takes approximately 1-3 working days after receipt of payment. International delivery times vary but typically take about 10 days.


refund Policy

You may send back any defective or damaged items within 14 days of receipt of delivery and get a refund. Please bear in mind that you would have to cover the direct costs of returning the goods. Please email us immediately if goods are damaged in transit at [email protected]