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DIY rabbit paperlamp will keep watch all night

by  OWL paperlamps from Portugal
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Product Description

Rabbit Dolores absolutely loves spring time.
She will poke her small nose outside her rabbit hole and sniff around the fresh air, while twitching her long ears in the sun.
With a quick – hop, hop, hop! – she disappears into the tall grass. What a nice day!


Our Rabbit – DIY paperlamp consists of a beginner’s papercraft kit for you to build an easy model. Either with friends or individually, enjoy bringing to life one more member at your home. Make sure to take at least an hour to assemble your Rabbit paperlamp – best results always require some dedication!  Check our website for tips – www.owlpaperlamps.com


Dimensions: 34 cm tall
Difficulty: ●○○○○  / 10 pieces


Each paperlamp model is a DIY papercraft kit, including a pre-cut paper model and a base with an E14 light bulb socket, electrical cable with switch and a europlug CEE 7. Also included is an assembly guide and an extra practice model.
Models are made with high quality 160g paper presenting good resistance and durability. A variety of colours is available, take a look at our colour palette.
Note: Only use LED light bulbs (not included).

Additional Information


cadmium-yellow, caramel, cotton-white, light-grey, sandy-beige, sienna, soft-blue, soft-pink

seller information

  • address: OWL paperlamps Hugo Formiga & Teresa Almeida Calcada do Monte 84, 3ºdto Lisboa 1170-251 Portugal
  • <p class="prose mb-xs-4"><strong><span class="strong" data-inplace-editable-text="story_headline" data-endpoint="AboutPost" data-key="story_headline" data-placeholder="Sum up what you do in one sentence. Or just write something catchy." data-use-inplace-input="1" data-add-class="normal">Original DIY papercraft lamps made in Portugal</span></strong></p> <p class="text-gray-lighter prose" data-region="about-story"><span class="mt-xs-1 text-gray-lighter" data-inplace-editable-text="story" data-endpoint="AboutPost" data-key="story" data-placeholder="How did you get started? What inspires you? We know each seller’s story is unique — tell yours here.">OWL paperlamps is a design brand created in September 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. Inspired by the origami art of folding paper figures, we combine modelling with illumination to design original papercraft lamps. Whether your OWL paperlamp is lit or turned off, it will certainly be an eye catcher.</span></p> We invite you to join the process and build your own model, as all OWL paperlamps consist of a DIY kit for you to assemble our designs. We prepare the challenge, you accomplish it. We hope you enjoy our OWL paperlamps as much as we do. If you have any difficulty, you can always contact us and we’ll try to give you our best support. Ready? Turn on the light! Hugo &amp; Teresa


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