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For #2 Blades – (the best blades!)

The original Kiwi was made on a 3D printer and hundreds  of iterations have led to the one you see here. Today the Plastic Kiwi is made from injected molded Arcylic, making it virtually indestructible.  A magnet was designed to hold together all of the necessary mechanics and even lets you store your Kiwi in unconventional places. We have scrutinized the manufacturing process to make ensure a reliable tool that will never fail.

Every Kiwi comes with a 5 pack of Excel Blades and a canvas tote bag


We’re Cam and Sean. Before we ever started a business together, we were regular friends, having met during our graduate studies at the Boston Architectural College. Our mutual passion for tinkering and technologies had given us the same idea - to moonlight as the school’s CNC operators at night to make our broke college selves a little less broke. In the windowless basement of the college we spent many evenings exploring fun new ideas, through software, 3D printing, laser cutting, and of course we had complete access to the CNC!

Today you can see that although we’re business owners, we’re still up to our old antics. From game nights at Backlash Brewery, to watching the Boston Bruins on a dark February evening, we’re always coming up with crazy new design ideas. You can always check out a few examples of these adventures in our Test Kitchen

Anyway, a little bit about what we've created, introducing the ErgoKiwi:


We re-imagined the traditional craft knife to be more comfortable and easy to use. The form eliminates the pain and discomfort you get with other knives so you can work for longer periods of time without interruption and the organic shape of the handle allows you to hold it in a way that's most natural for you.

We also streamlined the mechanics of the Kiwi. Most precision knives rely on a blade holder that inevitably loosens over time. Our simple design employs an internal magnet and a 3D printed, stainless steel latch to ensure that your knife will never fail you.  

The ErgoKiwi is a much safer and easy to use precision knife. It’s essentially your hand’s new best friend.  

The ErgoKiwi started as a personal project in architecture school, simply to make model-building more bearable for ourselves.  After our friends started asking for one, we had the crazy idea of bringing it to Kickstarter and here we are!  

Today, we craft every ErgoKiwi at our studio in Boston, MA and our knives are in the hands of thousands of professionals around the world.  We’ve learned that many of the top designers in the world rely on their Kiwi. We’re incredibly proud to know that our hard work is contributing to make our world a better place.  

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