family stools’ seats stitch leather to wood as if handmade bags

by LUMBER-NTCRI from taiwan

$ 350

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using the technique adapted to make handmade bags, the distinctive feature of the family stools are its seats that stich leather to wood. the designs each tell a unique story through its geometric shapes. the sew seams align along the edge of the leather perfectly.

Triangle & Pentagon: Stool surface (Longest) 31X31 cm, H47cm

Square & Hexagonal: Stool surface (Longest) 32X32 cm, H47cm


hexagon Pentagon square Triangle



LUMBER is a brand adheres to the concept of "craft is the symbol of national culture and craftsman is the carrier of Taiwanese culture". It is committed to the promotion of craft culture, stimulating the vitality of contemporary craft innovation, and shaping the new look of the 21st century Taiwanese craft arts by the innovative development of the craft culture.

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