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adaptable fauna lamp is moulded to fit various settings

by  MID from Italy
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Product Description

“Domestic fauna meant as the grouping of multiple species, whether migratory or not, having a functional or decorative role, inhabiting a specific familiar environment, always part of the human dwelling habitat.”


The Fauna lamp can change shape over time and become an integral part of the home ecosystem. It can adapt to its surroundings, and one can find it hanging from a ledge or quietly resting in a niche. It has bones of copper and skin of wire; it can stretch up to bring its light all the way to the ceiling or remain coiled to illuminate the floor. Fauna can be modeled as desired thanks to its inner copper core.


It is made as a coil but it can be easily shaped to whatever shape. The direction of light is not the only aspect that can be adjusted: the lamp’s shape can be changed as well to create an exciting variety of aesthetical and functional solutions– from a table lamp to a floor lamp, from a wall light to a ceiling light. A coiled electric wire guarantees safety while also giving strength to the extraordinary materic aspect of the lighting fixture. A game of harmony and tension between the improbability of a cable and the plasticity of crystallized silhouettes.


Length: Small 230 cm, Big 430 cm
Colors: Black, green, red
Socket: E27, 8w, 110-220v.

Additional Information


big, small


black, green, red

seller information

  • address: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 17, 10015 Ivrea TO, Italia
  • Based in the northern italian town of Ivrea, MID [Manifattura Italiana Design] was founded in 2012 to design and produce a diverse range of work in product and interior design. Rather than being driven by any particular inspiration or icon, it focuses on creating objects which beside functionality and aesthetics offers ideas and stories behind each of them. “MID was born as a container of experiences – specialities are not dominant, rather there is a freedom that allows thought for better and unexpected solutions,” says the firm. A common theme in their work is user interaction and a narrative approach. “We try to make our projects lively and spontaneous, so that they develop an intimacy and something ‘alive’ for users to discover. We disassembles the conventional archetypes structures rearranging and combining them in contemporary objects."


ship to cost
europe $15.00
usa+canada $40.00
asia+middle east $50.00


shipping policy

Your order will be shipped within a maximum of 7 business days after the payment.
It should take between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the destination.
All orders are shipped by trackable parcel. You will receive an e-mail containing the tracking number for your order.


refund Policy

Please email us if goods are damaged in transit at info@designmid.it and we will explain to you how to proceed.
The product can be refund within 10 days of receipt of delivery.