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A series of 26 notebooks by Experimental Jetset for Rubberband

In English, the term ‘four-letter word’ often refers to words that are offensive, profane, or subversive. For Rubberband, Experimental Jetset took the format of the four-letter word, and filled it with words related to the ‘graphosphere’: the everyday desktop landscape of messages, memos, letters, notes, and signs.

Conceived as a set of 26 notebooks, the series thus works as a full alphabet of four-letter words.


four-letter word : a series of 26 notebooks four-letter word : A-AUTO four-letter word : B-BUSY four-letter word : C-COPY four-letter word : D-DATE four-letter word : E-EDIT four-letter word : F-FILE four-letter word : G-GAME four-letter word : H-HACK four-letter word : I-IDEA four-letter word : J-JOKE four-letter word : K-KICK four-letter word : L-LIST four-letter word : M-MEMO four-letter word : N-NOTE four-letter word : O-OKAY four-letter word : P-PLAN four-letter word : Q-QUIZ four-letter word : R-RUSH four-letter word : S-SAVE four-letter word : T-TALK four-letter word : U-UNDO four-letter word : V-VIEW four-letter word : W-WAIT four-letter word : X-XOXO four-letter word : Y-YEAR four-letter word : Z-ZERO

Rubberband Products

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We made our first Rubberband product in 2008. Since then, we have continued to fire our desire to create products that express a design sensibility that we enjoy. We have always been drawn to making objects that are light-hearted. This is evident in our use of colour, which serves to remove any suggestion of material and expresses the form of the product in a direct way.
Our collaborations with our favourite international artists and designers have opened up stimulating design possibilities and we welcome this fresh wave of new ideas - it’s what excites us the most and paves the way for some interesting adventures.

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