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Neri is a family of pens and mechanical pencils designed by Giulio Iacchetti. The writing tools are the result of an exercise in exploring absolute minimalism, and are ideal for design junkies and writing aficionados alike.


Neri doesn’t follow the normal opening/closing system, or the classic cap design of typical pens and pencils. Instead, the anodized aluminium body features a contrasting brass thumbscrew which users simply turn to refill or regulate the length of their pencil lead, or open and close their pen. This simple gesture is derived from the method used for adjusting the points of traditional compasses employed in creating technical drawings.


In both the mechanical pencil and pen, the size, velvety touch and screw placement of Neri have been specifically designed for ease of grip and maximum ergonomic comfort, all presented in a gift packaging.



aluminium-gray anthracite black green light-blue orange pear-wood


mechanical-pencil neri-s pear-wood-pen pear-wood-pencil pear-wood-pencil-s pen set


Viale Tibaldi 10 – 20136 Milano, Italia

address: Viale Tibaldi 10 – 20136 Milano, Italia
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