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  • Hair Affairs (Flat Russet)

  • Hair Affairs (Flat Russet)

  • Hair Affairs (Flat Blonde)

  • Hair Affairs (Curly Black)

  • Hair Affairs (Curly Black)

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hair affairs brushes (set) make for a playful wall decor element

by  Complicated Needs from Germany

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Product Description

A set of three brushes with artificial human hair (flat blonde, flat russet & curly black) that make for a playful and exhilarating wall decor element. As a statement against any impoverished views of what it means to be human, the tool celebrate absurdity and the complexity of our emotional needs.


A product for quizzical minds with a mischievous sense of humour, charm, whimsy and wit, for behavioural explorers and the happily obsessed.


seller information

  • address: Complicated Needs Helge Simon Hornstrasse 11 10963 Berlin, Germany
  • www.complicatedneeds.com   Complicated Needs is a Berlin-based online shop and we are providing tools that intelligently humour quizzical minds. Our products support comic relief, offer consolation, and contribute to the combative strength needed for positive change.


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