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half&half pen only composed by 2 parts without any structures

by  INNO.PARK from Hong Kong
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Product Description

Half&Half is a pen only composed by 2 parts.

We abandoned any spins and springs complicate structures inside and instead by two beautiful aesthetics pieces.


It creates a balance and give possibility for multiple materials

colors options to the user to personalized his identity.


Half&Half make update the inner pen as a fun way,

the concave shape is easy get the pen open and close.


It was simple, sleek,compact,

as well beautiful from outside and inside.

Additional Information


all-gold, all-silver, half-silver-half-gold

seller information

  • Inno.Park is a designer brand from Hong Kong whose goal is to design and manufacture life products drawing on life's illuminating moments for inspiration.  Everyday experiences are captured in vivid products with each carrying their own stories and emotions.


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worldwide $15.00
europe $15.00
asia+middle east $15.00
usa $15.00
canada $15.00
africa $15.00
australia $15.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $15.00
usa+canada $15.00


shipping policy

● Regular shipping 15-40 days -15 USD
● Express shipping 3-7 day - 25 USD (send extra 10 USD to paypal: [email protected])
● sent via courier - important note
the delivery service for this particular product requires your phone number.


refund Policy

┃Well condition products and package┃ Within 7 days after received products┃The post fee for both way will be deduct from buyer for return┃