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handaxe wooden cutter uses a solid wooden body

by  soo&soo from South Korea
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Product Description

Handaxe is a wooden cutter designed to serve a variety of purposes in your kitchen such as making doughs, pasta and salad as well as kids-friendly cooking. As a wooden cutter, Handaxe exposes its users to minimal risks in the kitchen while being an excellent tool as cutlery.


Its ergonomic design also caters to a wide range of sizes and shapes of the users’ hands; the wooden cutter is available in a variety of sizes and thickness and enables the user to keep an excellent grip on the tool.


Handaxe is available in the following three types: HandAXE

‘A’ type has a seamless design that provides for the connected body and blade. It’s made of guaiacum (lignum vitae) and ebony – two of the strongest types of trees out there.


‘X’ type has a body made of regular hardwood with a blade reinforced by the compounded guaiacum (lignum vitae) and ebony. It also boasts a beautiful design complemented by the use of various types of wood.


‘E’ type also has a body made of regular hardwood but its blade comes in stainless steel in order to provide for a longer lasting life. While produced in stainless steel, the blade has a smoothly polished edge to enable the user to experience this great cutter in the utmost safe manner.


All of these three types are waterproof and eco-friendly.

Your Handaxe may be subject to ordinary wear and tear from its regular use – in such case, rubbing a fine-grade sandpaper along the blade will lengthen its lifespan.

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wooden-cutter-type-a-ebony, wooden-cutter-type-a-guaiacum-lignum-vitae, wooden-cutter-type-e-walnut-stainless-steel, wooden-cutter-type-x-walnut-ebony, wooden-cutter-type-x-zelkova-ebony

seller information

  • address: 802 Kumho roses, 339-1, Ojeon-dong, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    1. I'm currently the chief of wood work studio at Kaywon University of Art and Design. Also, I'm individually working as a furniture and handmade product designer.My design philosophy has emphasis on easy-to-use on daily lives and passion for handmade works.


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