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irregular hexagonal art jewelry discs with concrete material

by  solarstone design studio (wu xiu ping) from China
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Product Description

This set of art plates consists of 4 separate irregular hexagonal discs; Our design is inspired by plant cell diagrams.


As designers, we fear nature, and everything in nature is the source of our ideas; On this basis, this work incorporates the elements of architecture-ladder modeling;


color uses traditional concrete grey and white, if you are interested in wanting to customize other colors can contact us, email us the door, we will promptly reply to you.


The price is the total price of a set of 4 plates, and the item is not included in the picture of the shooting prop.


We are currently focusing on concrete creative product design and production, and if you are interested in concrete products can communicate with us, WeChat: 18652585797 or email: [email protected]


Additional Information


gray, white

seller information

  • address: Beihai city,GuangXi Prov.China
  • We are a home design studio. We love the concrete material, which is old and modern. hope friends like our products.


ship to cost
worldwide $28.00


shipping policy

Worldwide: 5/8working days


refund Policy

We only exchange goods if they are defective or damaged. Our products are handmade, concrete surface will have some stomata does not belong to the quality problem, the hole of concrete is its charm.