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handmade hourglasses to contemplate the idea of time

by  Aric Snee from US



Product Description

hourglasses are arguably one of the earliest objects that had to be made of glass, since then the design has been almost completely untouched. traditionally, the artifact operates in a linear fashion, up and down or in some cases resting on its side to stop the clock. however, we now know that time is not linear. regardless of how little time is understood, we remain determined to measure it as accurately as possible. it’s akin to inventing a metronome without understanding what music is.


designer Aric Snee wanted to visualize this lack of knowledge. the hourglass is precisely calibrated so when in full vertical orientation the glass measures 15 minutes. however, the user can manipulate the angle and axis of the artifact, speeding up or slowing down the measurement of time. the deice becomes a symbol, a method by which to contemplate the idea of time rather than trying to calculate it correctly. the piece is handmade using borosilicate glass and has a nine inch diameter.


seller information

  • Aric Snee is an artist and designer who has been working with glass for over 15 years in academic, studio and factory environments. He is a glassblower by trade and worked for Steuben Glass in New York where he earned the rank of Master Glassworker. Later he received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Alfred University in New York. Aric Snee began working with the Danish glass design company, Holmegaard, in 2014. In 2016 Aric designed “Gaia”, a series of self watering planters made from blown glass. Aric is currently a lecturer at Salisbury University teaching glass and sculpture.


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