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  • Hualle – Patagonian Handmade Paddles 50 cm-designboom shop-03

  • Hualle – Patagonian Handmade Paddles 50 cm-designboom shop-01

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patagonian handmade paddles 50 cm by hualle

by  HUALLE from Chile
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Product Description



Curve blade paddle made of native shouthern chilean wood. Each piece is manufactured from fallen trees, among which the Lingue, Mañio, Raulí and Radal stand out.


This product has been sealed with water-based paint and 100% natural wax (Osmo) * The packaging has been manufactured respecting traditional jobs, highlighting the use of mechanical punching machines, silkscreen and reused leathers. images are for reference only, each wood is unique

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  • address: Av. Italia 1111, Providencia Santiago, Chile
  • From the Patagonia to the world! Those who have visited the South of Chile only have words of admiration and love for it. Breathtaking landscapes. Enchanting people. Magnificent nature. This is the home of Hualle. Design inspired by astounding beauty. Our proposal is based on the respect and re-interpretation of the symbolisms of the Selknam, the legacy of the Yagan people and the strong ethnic identity of the Mapuches. This is our tribute to Tierra del Fuego, the Patagonia – an astonishing land. Each hand-made Hualle piece is unique - no length of wood is the same as another. Our artists are outstanding artisans who understand nature’s essence, whose work is never hurried, because in the South nothing is ever stressed. Enjoy the South that has inspired us. Thank you for visiting Hualle.


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europe $26.00
australia $30.00
usa+canada $22.00
asia+middle east $30.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $22.00


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100 % prepayment
Shipping: duties and local taxes unpaid.
Estimated delivery time: 20 days approx deppending the country (Expedited deliveries available at request)


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Product produced on request - no possibility of return