iSphere by plastique fantastique inspired by the science fiction comics of the 50s

by Plastique Fantastique from germany

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The iSphere is an art object, NOT a legal protection against the current pandemic. It is NOT a replacement for an everyday mask.

Product Information
Year of production: 2020
Contemporary art
Dimensions: 35 cm diameter
Stil: Pop Art
Material: PET-G transparent

The order consists of 1 iSphere +  6 Rivets to connect the sphere + 10 postcards set from Plastique Fantastique projects.

The pandemic is changing our relation to each other and affecting our perception of reality. In this time of lockdown, we wonder about the mutation of our social life and the effects of the deprivation of physical touch. iSphere represents the art installations of Plastique Fantastique on a smaller scale and the perspective into the post-pandemic world, beyond 2020.

The iSphere
Starting from April 27th 2020, it is mandatory to cover mouth and nose in public transports in Berlin.
The iconic design is inspired by the science fiction comics of the 50s and the creations of the utopian movements of the 60s; it is pop, and it belongs to everybody.
The iSphere is a funny and serious object that stimulates how to approach this exceptional situation.


Plastique Fantastique

Lindowerstrasse 22
Berlin 13347 germany

Plastique Fantastique is an art group that samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999. PF Directors: Marco Canevacci & Yena Young. Website:

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