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junction desktop organizer generates different shapes

by  Singular Concept from Taiwan
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Product Description

‘junction’ is a series of handcrafted lead-free crystal glass pieces which serve as desktop organizers. the collection of objects act as an installation and has been designed to be a standalone container or to be attached together, generating different shapes.


since its beginnings, singular concept has specialized in manufacturing processes, aesthetic relationships betweens forms and technology, bringing forward thinking solutions. the idea for ‘junction’ references pumping valves and drainage pipes hidden in the corners of train terminals and abandoned factories. by imagining the circulation between the pipelines and their junctions, the project was realized.

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00-complete-set, 01-tall-vase, 02-long-tray, 03-small-dish, 04-multiple-vase, 05-mobile-holder, 06-tall-tray

seller information

  • Ray is a multidisciplinary designer, versatile and experienced in a wide range of products, from house appliance, industrial electronic, medical equipment, exhibition booth design to fashion and jewellery. After working for international design agencies such as Fuseproject and Pilotfish, Ray founded studio Singular Concept in 2014. Based in Taipei. Ray is specialized in transforming manufacturing process into forward thinking solutions, and is motivated to create designs which are environment-friendly and brings values and inspiration to life.


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worldwide $30.00


shipping policy

Junction is made to order and ship within 6-8 weeks of purchase.
All International orders are shipped via TNT.


refund Policy

Product can be returned within 7 days for it being received by buyer. The post fee for both way will be deduct from buyer for return. Refund will be proceed when well condition products and package are returned.