LED kong lamp shines a light in the dark

by Qeeboo from italy

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It was long ago in the past when the film was launched in 1993: (King) Kong, the wild beast that became a good hero, abandoning the jungle reluctantly to inhabit the city of New York.


Giovannoni’s Kong is surprisingly technological and almost human, shedding light in front of himself as if the power is gone. he is physically out of size to be a toy and a lamp, as well as out of size to be a gorilla. Kong becomes a unique and extraordinary object that isn’t scary anymore thanks to the imaginative design created by the designer.


Material: polyethylene
Dimensions: L 77 x P 180 x H 140 cm


Via Stendhal, 35
Milano 20144 italy

Qeeboo is an Italian next-generation brand producing design objects created and launched in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni. Its products are emotional and narrative, expressly not bourgeois but suitable for all. Once created, they are entrusted to our interpretation in order to acquire a new life.

Qeeboo resumes and reinterprets in a fantastic way the icons of our imagination and gives them an unexpected original image, introducing a collection of smart, iconic and surprising products. Extraordinary objects created under the careful direction of Stefano Giovannoni in collaboration with a group of top international designers, integrating different styles and characters in a playful-narrative approach. A magical mix of technologies, inventions and industrial techniques, creating a catalog of emotional objects: so Mexico, Killer or Capitol, can be used in a personal way as a seat, a table, a lamp or a vase, a planter or a champagne cooler, allowing everyone to interpret and use them freely.

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