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    Matérials : Cylinder molded silicone. Marble effect Limited edition made in France.
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la corbeille cormucopia provides a decorative display

by  Cédric Canaud studio from France
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Product Description

La corbeille is a decorative Cormucopia.
A construction set that begins by shaping La Corbeille and then follows the stack of fruits, vegetables or other components in order to form a tightrope mount in the centre of the object.


Nuts, ginger, avocados, lemons, courgettes or passion fruit are put together and consumed; it’s a living decoration that moves with the seasons and desires.

This object aims to make visible the beauty of a fruit pile, producing a sculpture referring to representations of cormucopias.
Initiate an aesthetic experience by doing it, you produce the decor, it is palpable, editable, tangible.


Matérials :

Multilayer wood and paper laser cut + Cylinder molded silicone.

Limited edition made in France.

Additional Information


large-h36-diam-32, small-h18-diam16


abricot, cuivre, menthe, noir

seller information

  • address: www.cedriccanaud.com
  • After international studies in fine arts in France and Italy, Cedric Canaud, plastic designer opens his studio in Paris in 2010. In constant practical and theoretical research, Cédric Canaud is interested in space, sculpture and their visual representations. Every project is an invitation to take part in ‘the design event’, to experience it as an action that stages links between people, objects and the different spaces hosting them. This to propose projects which make and redraw our environment. According to him, the housing environment is a place, which has to suggest compromises with his various occupants. In order to optimise, the costs of fabrication and willing to economise the wherewithal, the raw, natural materials and their assembly take a privileged place in his work.


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europe $9.00
worldwide $15.00


shipping policy

We aim to despatch all orders as soon as possible but all pieces are manufacturing on demand in our studio, so the previous delivery is 3 weeks. You may receive it before, depends of the demands too.
For specific need contact us at [email protected]


refund Policy

If you want to return a product, please contact us at [email protected]
Products can be returned within 14 days from the day of receiving the product.
All returned products must be unused, in original condition and in the original seller box.
No refund or credit shall be given for damaged products.