lastword – special bookmark 5pcs combopack created for those who love reading

by Ozio design from italy

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No more pages with “dog-ears”, improvised bookmarks that slip out of books, or unsuccessful attempts at trying to remember the last page you read: Lastword was created for those who love reading and are looking for a bookmark that’s different from others. Its design is created to resume reading exactly where you left off.

This bookmark is made up of a metal cursor with a brightly colored elastic band. The cursor scrolls vertically along the strip which moves horizontally on the page, thus enabling you to point the cursor precisely on the paragraph from which you want to start reading again.

The band’s elasticity allows you to adapt Lastword to books in various sizes and formats (its extension varies roughly between 18 and 35 cm). Attention to detail and extensive improvements have made it both practical and intuitive, in the challenge to reinvent an object that is famous and widespread as bookmarks are.

Thanks to its unique features, it has received two important awards: the IDA Design Award Silver 2018 in the Stationary category (writing and reading objects) and it became part of the ADI Design Index 2020.

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